Call Of Cthulhu #3 | DEAR MOTHER...

Episode Summary

Dr. Haas, Reginald, and Audrey, alongside Daniel Baker, investigate some antiquities. Father Kane searches for answers about what the note on the man's chest means. Dr. Grekov comes to terms with past events. Antonia speaks with a loved one.

Episode Notes

                                            !!!WE SKIPPED A RECORDING SESSION!!!

                                                                      Here's the Recap!


Following the terrifying supernatural events at Professor Smith’s house, Dr Haas is shocked to

receive a note, ostensibly from the Profesor himself. After dispatching telegrams to the others,

they meet at a ramshackle apartment in Cheapside.


A visibly shaken Beddows meets the Investigators and lets them into the apartment. In the

bedarkened bedroom sits a severely burned Professor Smith. While his voice and strength hold

out, the Professor croaks out a vital warning and message to the Investigators -- that he was

studying an artifact of immense power and evil and must have tipped off the wrong people. He

urges them to locate an object called the Sedefkar Simalcrum and a document called the

Sedefkar scrolls which detail how to destroy the Simalcrum. The Simalcrum must be located

and sent to a location in Constantinople to be destroyed.


Father Kane goes to the British Library the next day and his research ends with a gristly

discovery: a man, whose skin was totally removed, was left in the library with a note attached

(written in a foreign language) from a patch of the man’s own skin.


Meanwhile, the papers contain the story of a Mehmet Mekryat who apparently died three times

the same night as the fire. Fearing there must be some connection, the Investigators go to the

city morgue to look at the bodies. All three Mekryats look identical to each other. Dr Haas

searches London’s antique dealers for any possible leads to Mekryat. There he meets an

antiquarian by the name of Daniel Baker and gets the address to Mekryat’s antiques shop. He

heads over to the shop and telephones Reginald so they may approach it together.